A unique coffee shop!

Meet Wassim El Hage and his team.

Wassim is the owner of Lebanon’s first coffee shop that employs people with special needs.

As a passionate physical therapist, Wassim enjoyed working with people with disabilities. In collaboration with the Lebanese Down Syndrome Association الجمعية اللبنانية لتثلث الصبغية 21 he decided to create an environment where they could work, interact and show the world what they are capable of.

His challenge was to shift mindsets, and offer the community a chance to engage with people with disabilities. Since the opening of Agonist Coffee Shop a few months ago, it seems much progress has been made!

We need to see more people with disabilities in the labor force. We need to give them opportunities to grow, contribute to society and enjoy a fulfilling life. They are skilled, strong, eager and dedicated.

Pass by Agonist Coffee shop, located on Mar Jerjess Street in Zalka, the team will make you feel right at home!

We hope this inspires others and leads the way to greater compassion and equality.


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