Akher Zapheer in Beirut!

Concert alert!

We caught up with the guys from Akher Zapheer ahead of their show in Beirut. Check out the interview below and see you tomorrow Thursday October 10th at KED with Beirut Jam Sessions.

*This is your first gig in Beirut (finally!), what comes to mind when you think of Lebanon?

The sea, the mountains, the people and chill vibes. We are very excited for the knafeh in bread.

*What do you know about the Music scene in Beirut and which Lebanese artists have you seen perform?

We’ve seen Zeid Hamdan and Yasmine Hamdan. We performed with Mashrou’ Leila in a concert in 2013. Apart from Arabic pop, i think Lebanon is not into the underground scene as much as it used to be and somehow shifted more towards cover bands and clubbing.

*Would you ever consider singing in English?

There’s no reason to sing in English to Arab speakers. People feel songs more when written in their own language. We think we are better at expressing our feelings in Arabic, especially since all Akher Zapheer songs are real stories that happened to us or people we know.

*You released your first album in 2013 “The Culture of the Opposite” addressing social and cultural issues in the region, how has your music and thematics evolved since then?

It got a lot more mature, as we grow older the way we tell a story is different. And it translates to “converse culture”.

*It’s been a while since you released another album, how come it took you so long?

We have 2 albums in the making, one is almost finished, and the other is in the recording process, we faced some hiccups that delayed the album, but hopefully the second one will be out before the end of 2019.

*What would you say has been a defining moment in your career so far?

Performing in Redbull Soundclash was a huge step for us, and we surprised many people with our performance. After that more than 3000 people attended our solo concert in Alexandria which was a big success.

*Any message you would like to convey to your Lebanese fans?

We hope you guys are ready for a rock show to remember, and we hope Lebanon becomes a a destination we always visit!

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