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  1. Nabil 2 years ago

    graduating the end of June – now remotely – due to her NOVELty COVID. I thank you and salute you for the model of Beirut. I am sending you this message from Brooklyn, New York. I am still planning on executing this final project that is addressing one of the most pressing issues in Beirut and the middle east. Xenophobia, another problem of othering in our urban environments intersects and overlaps with sectarianism in Lebanon in order to further our corrupt government’s political agenda that is fundamentally driven by economical greed and the hunger for power over the people through systematic oppression giving rise to civil wars in the past that are ingrained in the sociopolitical dynamic of the people. My project will explore and propose a space that will be emerging from architecture, sound and justice proposing a juridical facility and a secular space that will define the laws that will protect the rights of the citizens from governmental enforced sectarian devices while raising the platform for protest and performance – all a summation of the performances of sound in their distinct mediums specific to the context of Beirut.

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