The boys at Beirut Cafe Racers

We are not going to spoil this video with words that describe what it is all about. What we can say is that it is always beautiful to see people pursue their deepest passions, and get their hands dirty. We see a lot of these things on tv, but this is happening right here in …

Wickerpark, here we come.

It is that time of the year again when thousands flock North for the Wickerpark music festival in Batroun. The good folk from Soularch have been organizing and fine tuning this family affair since 2011. Their goal is to raise funds that will go into enhancing the underwater habitat of the Lebanese coast. Their other goal …

Yazan Halwani leaving a positive mark on Beirut’s walls

Photo by Yazan Halwani
Yazan Halwani is one of those local Beiruti artists with a lot of street cred. His work has drawn the attention of many worldwide and the Huffington post recently published an interesting article on him, and his mission. Even Akhenaton from IAM spoke highly of Yazan's work in an interview discussing the artist's collaboration with JonOne at L'institut du Monde Arabe on Canal +


  What we like about his work is that it is inspired by local culture, and Arabic calligraphy. He went from the classic hiphop graffiti style at a young age to what he does today. We like that transformation. Read the full article here...

Jad El Khoury’s healing arts



A while back I read an article online which described old bombed out buildings in Beirut covered with huge fun looking illustrations. I pass most of these building quite often and I did not remember seeing any of these art pieces. I took a closer look at the images and understood that these were digitally created concepts by Interior Architect and artist Jad El Khoury. I had to get in touch to find out more.

art attack 5

Those concepts that Jad has been working on are finally coming to life. You can pass by the building seen in most of the photos (located by the ring road on your way to Ashrafieh from Hamra) and watch what the artist calls: Art Attack. Jad works around old bullet and rocket holes to create these illustrations. The outcome is beautiful. The process however, is slightly more complicated than painting on canvas. The photos of Jad in full climbing gear speak for themselves.

art attack

art attack 1


art attack 7

The exhibition “War & Peace” by Jad El Khoury opens this Thursday September 10 Read more…

Collectif Kahraba’s beautiful initiative needs your support

Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran (Us, the Moon and the Neighbors) is one of those inner city festivals that many of you may not be aware of. It is a beautiful initiative by Collectif Kahraba that brings art, theater, music…. to balconies, stairs, and rooftops. This year the festival’s 4th edition is in the making and …

Lebanese director Rana Salem wins in Moscow.

A screenshot from the movie "The Road"
A screenshot from the movie "The Road"
We would proudly like to announce that Lebanese film director Rana Salem takes home a big award at the Moscow International Film Festival for her film "The Road", which we can't wait to see. This is the kind of news that gets us super excited. The full article can be found here in French. Read more here...

Red Bull arranges a small dance off in Byblos.

What happens when you take a breaker (Break Dancer), and put him up against a traditional Lebanese Dabke dancer in one of the most iconic cities in the world, Byblos? The music which brings these two together is courtesy of VL Records own "Ceasar K". Watch the video here...

Indiana University has an amazing selection of photos from Lebanon in the 60’s

Photo by Charles W. Cushman
Photo by Charles W. Cushman
In 1965, photographer Charles W. Cushman took a lot of beautiful photos in Lebanon. All these photos are stored in the Indiana University Archives today, all of them are dated, labeled and organized brilliantly. Browse the collection here...