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We get super excited when someone puts the effort into promoting the beauty of Lebanon, properly. This has to be one of the best videos we have seen so far. Share it with the world. This is what keeps us going and keeps us smiling. This is Beiruts bright side. Thumbs up to the Lebanese ministry of tourism, Live Love Lebanon, and  Rise Above Lebanon for making this happen. Watch the video here...

The natural bridges of Balaa

October in Lebanon is one of our favorite months. The weather is perfect and everyone is gearing up for the winter season. If you are wondering where to go this weekend, below is a ridiculously beautiful location. The natural bridges of BALAA near the village of Tannourine El Fawqa are some of the most beautiful in the world and look like something straight out of a Nat Geo Magazine. If that is not exciting enough, check out this breath taking video of pro rock climber David Lama pulling a first ascent in this gorge. Watch the video here…

Photo by ©missakassim
Photo by ©missakassim
Photo by © Institut français du Proche
Photo by © Institut français du Proche
Photo by © Nicki Hill
Photo by © Nicki Hill
Photo by © Lightreaver
Photo by © Lightreaver
Photo by © Serge Melki
Photo by © Serge Melki
Photo by © Loai El Nomeiry
Photo by © Loai El Nomeiry

The boys at Beirut Cafe Racers

We are not going to spoil this video with words that describe what it is all about. What we can say is that it is always beautiful to see people pursue their deepest passions, and get their hands dirty. We see a lot of these things on tv, but this is happening right here in …

The Lebanon Mountain Trail back in BBS

A few months ago we shared a great a video that describes the epic Lebanon Mountain Trail which extends from the North to the South of the country. Yesterday we stumbled on a new video about this trail which reminds us yet again about the natural beauty that exists here regardless of all the problems …

Wickerpark, here we come.

It is that time of the year again when thousands flock North for the Wickerpark music festival in Batroun. The good folk from Soularch have been organizing and fine tuning this family affair since 2011. Their goal is to raise funds that will go into enhancing the underwater habitat of the Lebanese coast. Their other goal …

Lebanon, the land of honey.


This story was recently shared with us by the passionate people from L’Atelier du Miel. We were quite intrigued to learn that Lebanon is one of the best honey producers in the world! Who knew? The other thing which makes this story interesting to us is the sustainable and eco friendly work approach and opportunities that this honey production has created across Lebanon.

We are going to keep this short, sweet and straight to the point as we do here at BBS.

Lebanon, the land of honey: is one of the only countries in the world where bees can find natural sources of nectar all year long. Because of the diversity of its altitudes (from 0 to 3000 meters), its position on the Mediterranean, its 4 distinct seasons, and the diversity of its flora, flowering seasons occur almost all year long. As a result, Lebanon’s honey is one of the best in the world.


Lebanon’s Honey Path: To produce natural honey, L’Atelier du Miel has adopted a unique production method whereby it repositions beehives all year long across Lebanon to follow flower blossoms. Thereby, bees harvest nectar and honeydew from Cedars in Barouk forests, Oak trees in Keserouan forests, from fields of cherry in Zahle, peach and apricot trees in Rechmaya, hawthorn in Kab Elias, thorns in Ain Dara, Medlar trees in Saida, and orange trees in Tyre and Akkar. The bees are moved from one location to the other all year long depending on the seasons. This enables L’Atelier du Miel to offer 15 types of 100% natural honeys, with various aromas and countless virtues, free from any additives and pesticides.

L’Atelier du Miel aims to re-integrate natural honey into people’s lives. It has also revisited many delicacies by replacing industrial sugar with natural honey in them. These include jams with only natural fruits and honey, nougats, marrons glaces, and many others. Virtues of honey produced in Lebanon: Unlike countries with industrial agriculture that grow only a single crop for hundreds of kilometers, Lebanon still “wild” nature and agriculture allows to have in a single field hundreds of wild flowers, fruit trees, leafed trees (e.g. oak), wild thorns, which adds a lot of diversity to the honey, unlike European fields.


Empowering Local Farmers and Beekeepers: L’Atelier du Miel works with local beekeepers and young farmers freshly out of university, providing sustainable and eco friendly work opportunities across Lebanon. L’Atelier du Miel Boutique: L’Atelier du Miel opened its one of a kind boutique in Lebanon. The boutique was conceived by Marc Bou Nassif, beekeeper and architect. The boutique is solely dedicated to honey where you can find 30+ different types of honeys. It is managed by real young beekeepers who work with a web of small artisans across the country (including carpenters, regional creators – glass, brass, wood, small beekeepers, small farmers, etc.), and following fair trade principles.


To find out more about this honey sweetness visit: or swing by their Facebook page.


Collectif Kahraba’s beautiful initiative needs your support

Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran (Us, the Moon and the Neighbors) is one of those inner city festivals that many of you may not be aware of. It is a beautiful initiative by Collectif Kahraba that brings art, theater, music…. to balconies, stairs, and rooftops. This year the festival’s 4th edition is in the making and …

Lebanon. Tannourine. Vice sports. This is so bright it burns!

Sam Elias is a professional rock climber and skier who made a trip down to Lebanon to explore the rocks and his family roots. Vice sports came along and shot a beautiful short. This is great news for Lebanon’s sports and eco tourism, the film is uplifting, and inspiring. It places Tannourine and the Lebanese mountains on …

Leave your car keys at home, and start pedaling.

Photo by Haig Melikian
Haig Melikian loves to ride his bicycle, and has done so across the whole country. He has taken some amazing photos of places he has visited that should inspire us all to leave those car keys at home and start pedaling. The Lebanese coast and mountains are a destination for adventure seekers, click here to see the full article and photos...

Rare footage from the 1974 Lebanese Syrian rally

Last week our attention was directed towards this amazing video from the 1974 Lebanese / Syrian rally where Joe Hindi (Lebanese rally driver) came in first place. This short documentary is really something. The rally itself was no walk in the park and reminds us a bit of the Dakar Rally. The fact that this …