Education is a right

It’s the story of Sara Hermez who opened a free school in fashion design Creative Space Beirut that provides education to talented design students who lack the resources to study. These students come from all over the country including refugee camps.

The Parsons School of Design graduate, with the help of her former professor Caroline Simonelli (who coined the slogan ‘Make Designers, Not Clothes’), wanted to put her creativity and knowledge to the service of a worthy cause.

She put her heart and soul into this project that became a reality in 2011. Her story is about passion and determination. It’s about believing that education can change lives and society. Her story is about giving chances.

“I’m hoping that a solid community arises where it’s about helpfulness and sharing and working together vs. individualism and one’s own success,” she once said in an interview.

The school has launched a campaign to raise funds and awareness for subsidized education. is the platform for socially conscious brands where you can shop and help them make education a right, not a privilege.

“This means that you’ll not only look good, you’ll be doing good too.”




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