Illustrations and storytelling

You have probably seen her work, on a poster, in a comic, on an ad, on a tote bag, on a limited edition bottle of wine, on a record.. You’ll easily recognize her colorful bold detailed work and intense characters.

Born and raised in Beirut, Raphaelle Macaron is one of the most talented illustrators and storytellers of her generation.

Through her thought-provoking art, Raphaelle points out the injustices around her, she doesn’t hesitate to tackle social and political issues, racism, homophobia..

She is also a member of Samandal Comics, a collective that publishes comics of Arab and International artists.

Check out her work, it speaks for itself.

Fearless and formidable, Loujain defied Saudi Arabia’s driving ban and faced the consequences. In November 2014, she was detained for 73 days for live-tweeting herself driving into Saudi Arabia from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Released in February 2015, she went on to stand for election in November that year – the first time women were allowed to both vote and stand in elections in the state. Despite finally being recognized as a candidate, her name was never added to the ballot. Today she is based in the UAE, where she continues her fight to create a better future for her fellow Saudi – one where women enjoy their rights as full citizens of their nation.

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