The conversation platform

@NaTakallam, co-founded by Lebanese-American Aline Sara, is a social entreprise that offers language services.

This conversation platform is a wonderful initiative to change the narrative on refugees and displaced persons. A source of income but also a great opportunity to build a strong network, create real connections, and get to know, one-on-one who these people are.⁣

In light of the challenging socio-economic situation in the country and in an effort to support host communities, the have now launched sessions in Lebanese dialect. This will help support the most vulnerable and give them access to income. ⁣

“We want to continue to change the narrative around refugees, continue to bring livelihood access, and continue to grow the idea that everyone is human, and everyone has something to offer.” Aline Sara ⁣

*Artwork collage by the talented @dear.nostalgia ⁣


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