The uprising of colors

Born in Lebanon in 1925, Etel Adnan is an epic poet, an essayist and visual artist whose work has inspired generations. ⁣

Her career spans over several decades and her work includes writing, painting, drawing, ceramics, film and tapestry.⁣

Her use of colors and luminous patterns are captivating. ⁣

Don’t miss her solo exhibit “The uprising of colors” at @sfeirsemlergallery running until April 11th. ⁣

“Etel Adnan wished this exhibition as a splash of hope amidst the current severe political and economic crisis Lebanon is witnessing.” ⁣

At the entrance you will hear a reading of the ‘Arab Apocalypse’ while the original manuscript is displayed on a screen. And you will be welcomed by her mural “Le Soleil Toujours”. The tone is set. ⁣

Take a stroll around the gallery, leave space for your mind to wander, look at her striking yet small format paintings, her long Japanese-like folding books and her tapestry, it will surely brighten up your day.

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