Summer is still on!

If you think summer and festival season is over. Think again. September has lots of great music events in store for you.


This coming Saturday, leave the chaos of city life, come enjoy the beautiful shore of Batroun and attend the annual Wickerpark festival, featuring a great line up of lebanese bands.

A great way to encourage and discover local talent in a laid back, sea side, grassroot environment. This year, the festival is taking place on a Saturday so that you won’t need to fear traffic and rush back to Beirut.

This edition will feature performances by well-established bands as well as newcomers: The Wanton BishopsInterbellumLUMIFilter, HappierSafar MusicETYENLoopstacheKid Fourteen, and DJ sets by Jack the Fish, Ziad Nawfal and Rami O.


On Wednesday September 14th, Liban Jazz brings you the incredibly captivating Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara. She is the famous voice of the musical “Kirikou” and the talent behind the soundtrack of the internationally renowned movie “Timbuktu”.


On Sunday September 18th, Beirut Jam Sessions are heading to Gardenstate to present the unique Estonian artist NOËP, whose real name is Andres Kopper, “an electronic-pop act whose music has been described as a delicate and infectious blend of indie, electro and pop accompanied by distinctive vocals”. This not-to-miss concert will also feature local talents; CODE O preforming his solo tracks and a DJ set by musician and producer ETYEN.

See you there!






We recommend // Rock n Roll Pizza Party!

Photo by Roland Ragi

BBS had a sit down with Lazzy Lung front man Allan Chaaraoui for a Q&A about the RRPP that are staring to come to life in Beirut again.

How do you see the music scene in Beirut?
It goes without saying that Beirut is flooded with EDM / House music/ top 40 commercial and everything else under the sun – and that continues to be “ “ popular demand. I’d like to think people are ready for something a little different.

Tell us about a few of the challenges you faced as a musician?
Back in the day it was hard enough getting gigs especially for “original bands” let alone bands that play Rock music. At the time there were no Wicker Parks or Beirut Jam Sessions or Beirut Open Stages out there – so we had to be crafty. My band didn’t want to have to wait for the AUB Outdoors /Fete De La musique / to step on a stage.

What’s up with the Pizza party?
This was something that originated in my Hometown of Ottawa Canada – a staple club night in the city (at least it used to be) held every Thursday (Free entrance and Free pizza) as a perk they’d dish out a couple of pizzas at the end of the night. Unfortunately they stopped throwing them – but they were legendary. A lot of my favorite bands sprung up and performed at these events.

I wanted to carry that tradition on – only here in Beirut!

Who played your RRPP events back when you guys started them?
The RRPP was hosting and performing events with local rock bands and heavy hitters like (Lazzy Lung /Who Killed Bruce Lee / Scrambled Eggs/ Beirut Scum Society/ Passive Standouts and even managed to host The Black Lips).

Now what?
There’s a new Rock Pub / Biker bar (Fuel Garage Bar) in Mar Mkhayel that just fit perfectly with the RRPP Vibe. Across the street there is new pizza place opening (By The slice) and the pizza tastes awesome!

It just made perfect sense – to put everything together and start throwing parties again.

What’s the deal?
Free Entrance – Free Pizza – Every Thursday

Photo by Roland Ragi

How are you promoting this party?
#punch4punch is how we launched our campaign and is now a staple element of the RRPP – you can see hilarious clips of our friends and family getting decked in the face in slow-mo. Take a Punch in the face for A Free Punch Cocktail (aka Rock n Roll Pizza Party Punch)

Are you thinking about the community when you throw these parties?
YES! Our Pizza Sponsor is doing this brilliant initiative (Pay It forward Pizza) to help the needy
We hope that we can manage to get more people taking part and giving back to the community through the RRPP.

When do you shut down the party?
We hope to keep throwing parties so long as the drinks pour cold and the pizza comes out the oven…our parties go on till the cops show up. We just want give as much as we can to build and strengthen the rock music community in Lebanon -which has been somewhat neglected other than the efforts of the Jim Beam Rock festival.

What about the future?
Eventually if the parties keep doing well – we are looking to Shut down the street and host block parties with Live Bands and the whole 9 – still staying true to our concept of Free Entry a few free pizzas.

Tonight’s XI RRPP event info.

BBS recommends

This is how we do it. Let’s stand by Beirut Madinati. After the success of yesterday’s concert at Station Beirut, there are lots of opportunities to show support coming up this week. If you would like to donate without leaving your couch you can do that right here, CLICK to Donate

Metropolis Cinema Association supports Beirut Madinati


Beirut fo2 al shajara at Teatro Verdun


FLUX with Beirut Madinati in Radio Beirut


Free Yoga in Horsh Beirut in support of Beirut Madinati 


Beirut Madinati Fundraiser at 429







BBS supports


We have had our share of disappointments. We know how hard it is to stay positive and hopeful in a country where we feel our voices are not heard.

The municipal elections are coming up soon. The municipal representatives are the closest form of government to the people. This year in Beirut, we actually have a solid option.

If you love your city. If you believe we deserve clean streets, green spaces, proper sidewalks and above all trustworthy municipal representatives, it’s time to vote. It’s time to bring back politics to the citizens.

The municipality is a powerful stand alone institution with a large jurisdiction, decision making power and money. We now need the right people, free of political allegiances.

The road ahead is still challenging but we have to start somewhere.

We at Beirut’s Bright Side are ready for change and support the Beirut Madinati initiative and candidates. We hope you will to.

On Wednesday April 27th, come join us at Station Beirut. Your purchase of a ticket for ‘Lebanese musicians in concert for Beirut Madinati’ will help fund the campaign.

Lebanese musicians

And on May 8th, let’s vote!

>> For more info on this campaign, the detailed program and the list of candidates, please visit their website here: beirutmadinati <<


Fashion, fashion, fashion

Breaking fashion news this morning from the Oscars, Giuliana Rancic is wearing a dress by Lebanese designers Azzi & Osta 

Screen shot 2016-02-29 at 10.12.08 AM

Some of the finest Lebanese designers such as Elie Saab, Zuhair Mrad, George Chakra and Reem Acra have made international headlines with their unique couture and ready to wear creations dressing up the world’s biggest names. They have taken the fashion scene by storm as they represent lebanese beauty, refinement and elegance.

In recent years, a new dynamic crop of lebanese designers have been on the rise. Many of whom’s careers have been launched thanks to the Starch Foundation and it’s co-founders Rabih Kayrouz and Tala Hajjar. Starch is an NGO that helps designers produce, promote and sell their collections in Lebanon and abroad. They have helped them find a home. This organisation has been the key to kickstart many young designers careers, some set to become household names.

This year’s International Fashion Showcase in London, which gives an insight on the industry’s future, featured works of 80 emerging designers from 24 countries. The Starch Foundation, in partnership with the Arab British Center, presented “Blueprint Beirut”, an exhibition curated by Tala Hajjar, designed by Elie Metni, showcasing Bashar Assaf, Bird on a Wire by Rayya Marcos, Das by Sevag Dilsizian, La Terre Est Folle by Joe Arida, Margherita by Margherita Abi-Hanna, Mira Hayek, Nour Najem and Timi Hayek. And they took home a well deserved “Best Curator” award ! We applaud and salute such initiatives that shed light on lebanese creativity and talent.





photos by @alexmaguirepix

The natural bridges of Balaa

October in Lebanon is one of our favorite months. The weather is perfect and everyone is gearing up for the winter season. If you are wondering where to go this weekend, below is a ridiculously beautiful location. The natural bridges of BALAA near the village of Tannourine El Fawqa are some of the most beautiful in the world and look like something straight out of a Nat Geo Magazine. If that is not exciting enough, check out this breath taking video of pro rock climber David Lama pulling a first ascent in this gorge. Watch the video here…

Photo by ©missakassim
Photo by ©missakassim
Photo by © Institut français du Proche
Photo by © Institut français du Proche
Photo by © Nicki Hill
Photo by © Nicki Hill
Photo by © Lightreaver
Photo by © Lightreaver
Photo by © Serge Melki
Photo by © Serge Melki
Photo by © Loai El Nomeiry
Photo by © Loai El Nomeiry

Jad El Khoury’s healing arts



A while back I read an article online which described old bombed out buildings in Beirut covered with huge fun looking illustrations. I pass most of these building quite often and I did not remember seeing any of these art pieces. I took a closer look at the images and understood that these were digitally created concepts by Interior Architect and artist Jad El Khoury. I had to get in touch to find out more.

art attack 5

Those concepts that Jad has been working on are finally coming to life. You can pass by the building seen in most of the photos (located by the ring road on your way to Ashrafieh from Hamra) and watch what the artist calls: Art Attack. Jad works around old bullet and rocket holes to create these illustrations. The outcome is beautiful. The process however, is slightly more complicated than painting on canvas. The photos of Jad in full climbing gear speak for themselves.

art attack

art attack 1


art attack 7

The exhibition “War & Peace” by Jad El Khoury opens this Thursday September 10 Read more…

Lebanon, the land of honey.


This story was recently shared with us by the passionate people from L’Atelier du Miel. We were quite intrigued to learn that Lebanon is one of the best honey producers in the world! Who knew? The other thing which makes this story interesting to us is the sustainable and eco friendly work approach and opportunities that this honey production has created across Lebanon.

We are going to keep this short, sweet and straight to the point as we do here at BBS.

Lebanon, the land of honey: is one of the only countries in the world where bees can find natural sources of nectar all year long. Because of the diversity of its altitudes (from 0 to 3000 meters), its position on the Mediterranean, its 4 distinct seasons, and the diversity of its flora, flowering seasons occur almost all year long. As a result, Lebanon’s honey is one of the best in the world.


Lebanon’s Honey Path: To produce natural honey, L’Atelier du Miel has adopted a unique production method whereby it repositions beehives all year long across Lebanon to follow flower blossoms. Thereby, bees harvest nectar and honeydew from Cedars in Barouk forests, Oak trees in Keserouan forests, from fields of cherry in Zahle, peach and apricot trees in Rechmaya, hawthorn in Kab Elias, thorns in Ain Dara, Medlar trees in Saida, and orange trees in Tyre and Akkar. The bees are moved from one location to the other all year long depending on the seasons. This enables L’Atelier du Miel to offer 15 types of 100% natural honeys, with various aromas and countless virtues, free from any additives and pesticides.

L’Atelier du Miel aims to re-integrate natural honey into people’s lives. It has also revisited many delicacies by replacing industrial sugar with natural honey in them. These include jams with only natural fruits and honey, nougats, marrons glaces, and many others. Virtues of honey produced in Lebanon: Unlike countries with industrial agriculture that grow only a single crop for hundreds of kilometers, Lebanon still “wild” nature and agriculture allows to have in a single field hundreds of wild flowers, fruit trees, leafed trees (e.g. oak), wild thorns, which adds a lot of diversity to the honey, unlike European fields.


Empowering Local Farmers and Beekeepers: L’Atelier du Miel works with local beekeepers and young farmers freshly out of university, providing sustainable and eco friendly work opportunities across Lebanon. L’Atelier du Miel Boutique: L’Atelier du Miel opened its one of a kind boutique in Lebanon. The boutique was conceived by Marc Bou Nassif, beekeeper and architect. The boutique is solely dedicated to honey where you can find 30+ different types of honeys. It is managed by real young beekeepers who work with a web of small artisans across the country (including carpenters, regional creators – glass, brass, wood, small beekeepers, small farmers, etc.), and following fair trade principles.


To find out more about this honey sweetness visit: or swing by their Facebook page.


BBS is collaborating with Yukunkun on April 24



A few years ago we hit up a club in Sweden on a Saturday night. We were blown away by the amount of people on the dance floor, we pushed through the crowd to see who was dropping the groove. It was this guy “Anders” (AL). We met up with him on a recent….. Continue reading BBS is collaborating with Yukunkun on April 24