Since January 2015, we’ve been sharing our love for Lebanon on this blog Beirut’s Bright Side, also known as BBS. All that’s good and bright. All that brings peace. All that’s full of positive energy. All that strives to make our future brighter. Articles and stories curated from all over and in all fields.

In February 2017, we are proud to be launching a new feature: the BBS stories podcast. A place where you can now hear what Beirut has to say.

We wanted to create an intimate connection with our readers, and hopefully listeners. We want to inspire you. And keep you company during long car rides or while you’re cuddling up at home. We want to reach out to our fellow Lebanese abroad, keep you close to where the heart is. We will be sharing episodes in Arabic, French and English.

Hopefully you’ll keep coming back for more. And if you know someone you think should be featured on this podcast, please dont hesitate to drop us a line here.


The BBS family