Since January 2015, this is where we share our love for Lebanon.

Beirut’s Bright Side, also known as BBS is here to inspire you. It’s about Lebanon, its people and what they have to offer. It’s about those who strive to make our future brighter. It’s about those who care for others and for their country.

It’s about being positive and looking on the bright side.

It’s about nature and environment, music, social initiatives, art, culture and food ! From teaching yoga to street kids, to planting trees, from social entrepreneurs to public art installations, from eco-tourism to protecting heritage..

It’s also about reaching out to our fellow Lebanese abroad and keeping them close to where the heart is.

Tune in to our BBS Stories podcast, we have 6 episodes so far and are working on new exciting projects where you will be able to hear and see what Beirut has to say!

Hopefully you’ll come back for more.
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