A unique coffee shop!

Meet Wassim El Hage and his team. Wassim is the owner of Lebanon’s first coffee shop that employs people with special needs. As a passionate physical therapist, Wassim enjoyed working with people with disabilities. In collaboration with the Lebanese Down Syndrome Association الجمعية اللبنانية لتثلث الصبغية 21 he decided to create an environment where they could work, interact and …

Beer, gin and vodka.. made in Lebanon!

Meet Jamil Haddad. In 2013, he decided to quit his job and move back to Batroun to start his own microbrewery. Colonel Beer The windsurfer turned entrepreneur tapped into a difficult market full force, with passion and perseverance. Today, in an eco-friendly environment made of upcycled wood pallets and green walls, his project consists of a microbrewery, …

Hunger Hero

Meet the young food activist Maya Terro who is leading by example, turning her passion for food into a humanitarian mission. She founded FoodBlessed, a fantastic initiative that seeks to “raise awareness about sustainable ways of living which make sense economically, morally and environmentally via promoting the concepts of food rescue/recovery, encouraging the adoption of more …

Drink local !

Do you like gin tonic, fizz or basel ? Next time you order one, think local ! Your favorite neighborhood bar might carry one of the 4 locally produced gins. Jun Rechmaya Distillery, Gata Gata Gin, Junipium Riachi and The Three Brothers The Three Brothers Gin are all manufactured in Lebanon! At BBS, we believe in buying local and supporting small …

Employing refugees in NYC

Great initiative by Manal and Wissam Kahi in NYC, where they employ refugees from all over the world, changing the way people perceive them and helping them thrive. Every person and every community can powerfully affect positive change around the world. Check out their story here Thank you Labneh&Facts for sharing this story!
Follow them here Eat Offbeat

“Eat Save Love”

What can we do about Lebanon’s food waste problem and waste disposal crisis ? Some individuals have taken this matter into their own hands to find solutions. “Eat Save Love” is an event organized by Diana Fayad in conjunction with the Beirut-based NGO ACT_4Tomorrow (Active Advocacy of Communities for Tomorrow). A pop-up restaurant (hosted by GardenState) where the menu (developed by chefs Bob Deeb and Tina Wazirian) was based on surplus food from supermarkets! This is such a great initiative to raise awareness, reduce food waste and fight hunger in Lebanon. Read more in The Daily Star article.          

Apples apples apples

An interesting read in The Daily Star about food waste and some of the new and creative solutions that have emerged. The article features Ceasar Cider and its impact on the apple crisis through the production of cider from the apples that farmers can’t otherwise sell. #buylocal #wehavethebestapples #CeasarCider Read the article here

The story of Oum Ali

You might have tasted her delicious Saj at Souk el Tayeb on Saturdays.. This is the story of Oum Ali who puts her heart, strength and soul into keeping the culinary traditions of her village alive. Watch this beautiful short documentary directed & produced by Nay Aoun (funded by USAID). Thank you Slow Food Beirut for striving …