One minute.

We can’t get enough of the ‘One Minute’ series, short improvised music videos by Vladimir Kurumilian. The talented Beirut-based musician also just released electronic remixes of his Dopamine album tracks. And catch him live (along with a sketching performance by Ahmed Amer) at Salon Beyrouth on Monday August 12. Music to fuel your soul ! Check them out here. …

Protect the oceans

At BBS, we care for nature. We support projects that raise awareness on climate change, we encourage citizens to take action on key environmental issues, we promote sustainability, we share news on local eco-friendly initiatives.  And we love music too. You would think one has nothing to do with the other. Well, think again.  Greenpeace, the …

James Locksmith in Beirut, looking for talent!

James Locksmith, UAE-based DJ, producer, curator, promoter and festival programmer has just announced that he’s teamed up with the Australian Electronic Music Conference (November 2019) and has been invited to be one of the main curators. He’ll be taking several acts to the conference, cherry-picking his favorite MENA talent to join in on panels, workshops, collaboration projects …

Diggers gonna dig

Beirut is now definitely on the crate diggers map! After Chico Records last year, Ernesto Chahoud‘s record store Darsko in Burj Hammoud (in what was his grandfather’s shoe factory) has made it on the The Vinyl Factory world’s best record shops! Make sure to check out his unique collection of rare grooves and old 45s. Check out the Vinyl Factory …

Turbo falafel’s mix

Turbo falafel's mix

Turbo Falafel, the Dj collective based in Fribourg (Switzerland) was recently in Beirut.

Inspired by Revolvers guide on Beirut’s record stores, they decided to come check it out for themselves.
They made this fun mix of what they heard during their cab rides.
And also a little mix of what they dug up at Chico Records.

And check out Turbo Falafel’s soundcloud page here:


I am no bird

Andrew Cagle’s short documentary “I am no bird” is online. This is a beautifully crafted film about Samer Saem Eldahr's moving story. Samer is a talented electronic musician from Aleppo, pioneering a genre of electronic dance music he calls “electro-tarab”, who immigrated to Minnesota after having spent some years in Beirut. “What began as humble mission to document an unknown, but significant, contribution to the electronic music world morphed into a story about family, friendship, and persevering to create in the midst of a changing environment" said the Brooklyn based filmmaker. Watch it here

Jessy Moussallem, rising filmmaker

Jessy Moussallem, rising filmmaker

We just read Jessy Moussallem‘s interview in L’Orient-Le Jour and we wanted to share some of her impressive work here with you.

In her interview, the talented filmmaker talks about what led her to work on Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moon’s video, her relationship with Lebanon, the challenges she faces and her more recent work on Agoria’s clip.

Jessy Moussallem pushes boundaries, her videos are emotional, powerful and edgy.