Mosaïque recyclée et record mondial

Mosaïque recyclée et record mondial

Un record mondial au Liban pour une mosaïque de 971,37 mètres carrés faite à partir de déchêts recyclables (9 530 pièces en plastique, 4 185 cannes, 2 776 morceaux d’aluminium et 1 062 fragments de verre).
Un fantastique projet pour sensibiliser les libanais au recyclage.
Bravo à toute l’équipe qui a confectionné cette mosaïque, un travail de titan!

L’article de l’Orient Le Jour pour plus d’infos, ici.


Those Who Inspire

Those Who Inspire

Those Who Inspire, the international movement that aims at shedding light on the inspirational figures in a specific country, recently launched in Beirut a new book in their collection!

Those Who Inspire LEBANON is set to inspire and motivate Lebanese Youth.
The book portrays 60 influential Lebanese from all walks of life (out of those, 31 portraits are on Lebanese women). The purpose of “Those Who Inspire” is to empower Millennials and to boldly encourage them to pursue
their dreams and, above all, believe in themselves.

Here are some of the men and women selected for this book: Ziad Abi Chaker, Lea Baroudi, Asma Andraos, Chadia El Meouchi, Maroun Chammas, Hibah Osman, Mariam Chaar, Michelle Mouracade, Georges Khabbaz, Ayad Nasser, Ray Bassil, Michael Haddad, Rindala Beydoun, May Chidiac and many others..

“I just spent around 9 months working on Those Who Inspire LEBANON, and I am amazed at how many inspiring Lebanese I´ve met are dedicated to inspire empower and guide their youth through sharing experiences” Alejandro Andrés, Co-Publisher TWI Lebanon.

#ThoseWhoInspireLebanon #getinspired

Books for everyone!

And here's another wonderful initiative by the Lebanese NGO arcenciel.aec. These public library fridges (now located in Sin El Fil Gardens) are a great way to pay it forward. Give a book, borrow one, read it and pass it on. Little things make a big difference.. and reading books opens a world of possibilities!
Their goal is to collaborate with more municipalities and spread them all around the country. #publiclibraryfridges  #payitforward  

Guinness record at AUB

Guinness record at AUB

A Guinness World Record at the American University of Beirut (AUB) with the largest notebook mosaic – flag, representing the Lebanese flag, made of 60,000 notebooks that were placed on the Green Field !

All notebooks used will be donated to a large number of Lebanese public schools, with the aim of raising awareness on the quality and accessibility of education in public schools in Lebanon.

More info and their time lapse video here.

Soul sensation

On April 12th, get ready to be enchanted by the new voice of soul music. Jalen N’Gonda will perform at Gardenstate for this year’s third concert produced by Light Fm Productions in collaboration with Beirut Jam Sessions. We got to chat with the star on the rise about his life in Liverpool, songwriting, his sixties …