Clean up day

  "It would be difficult to get people to clean up a public beach in any county. Such a large turnout and collaboration among different groups from different parts of Lebanon proves that many are committed to change, improvement and citizenship in this county, despite all the problems. #WelcomeToLebanon" Well said Beirut Report thank you. #worldcleanupday2018             Recycle Lebanon wrote:
A massive thank you to the 250 people who came together on #worldcleanupday2018 to clean Maalmelten with @jci.lebanon from alba @sustainableclub who made it allhappen to @municipalityghazir @ouzville, scouts, @sisadmaalumni -koura and chouifat, @beardedvillainsleb alongside @wellnessproject_me @SurfShackLebanon. @alsultanbrahim, @zerowasteact_lebanon , #dropofftabarja, local communities and lucky travellers... elbows in-hand in hand. In total we picked up 3 bags of glass, 2 metal bags, 18 plastics and 46 rejectable waste, 1 shoes , 4 bags styrofoam , 1 textiles, 1 cartons and paper, and had big plastic water bottles found filled with straws and cigarette butts. We also found 1 big dead sea turtle and 1 small dead fish.. Both heartbreakingly died with plastic and will post separately #RecycleLebanon have the most #zerowaste #balaplastic #plasticfree #cleanups we have seen in the world with reusable recovered cloth bags used from uniforms, reusable washable gloves glass bottle and glass gallon water and briq to drink from, @yarrowenterprise sanitising spray and no plastic or toxic food or beverage available on site and ensuring all collected waste is sorted and sent to recycling with post clean up brand audits while educating on site and selling #ecosouk alternatives to #breakfreefromplastic on the spot. Next we will make bins from the waste and put them on each clean up spot with #preciousplastics We refuse to generate more waste to clean up and recycle waste. Each 1000 litre bag holds about 10 or so small reusable white plastic bags. Instead we use our signature reusable recovered cloth bags #madeinlebanon [the green colours are leftovers of #sabisschool uniforms] and can carry and flex more waste around reducing single use bags, raw virgin plastic consumption and reusable plastic bags all together. We work clean and collectively. Started a ripple and helping all other clean ups use less plastic, sort and recycle. On the Maamelten site we split the recyclables together with #dropofftabarja and @zerowasteact_lebanon and will be sending the rejectables to @ziad_abichaker

Live Love

L’histoire de Youmna Chamcham (qui avec Édouard Bitar) est à l’initiative du fantastique mouvement Live Love Beirut. Voir le beau et le positif et surtout vouloir le partager avec le monde entier. Avec ce projet, ils témoignent de leur attachement à leur pays, à leurs racines et nous encouragent à poser des gestes citoyen. La plateforme …

Heart of sky

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons commissioned the talented Beirut-born filmmaker Jessy Moussallem to create a film using the music of their latest project Heart of Sky. The result is a beautifully crafted gem, perfectly paced documentary film revealing the lives of those working on the canabis fields of the Bekaa valley. Moussallem explains “The scenes were …

Urban explorers

Urban explorers

What is urban exploration? Also called UE, urbex, infiltration or reality hacking, urban exploration is about searching, documenting, exploring and mapping man-made structures, hidden treasures, forbidden places, abandoned buildings, ruins.. As long as the site is no longer in use and sometimes off-limits.
Open a door, sneak in, cross a fence, take a picture, share with the world.

Here is one of Lebanon’s best Urban explorers. Discovering old Beirut and Lebanon through its abandoned gems.
We love her Instagram account!

Tom Young: inspired by Lebanon’s heritage

Tom Young: inspired by Lebanon's heritage

Meet Tom Young  a deeply committed artist who draws his inspiration from Lebanon’s heritage, mainly old abandoned houses and buildings. In the hopes that art can help us preserve, honour and save some of them.

Young is best known for his Rose House project a few years back (a painting residency in the big rose mansion overlooking the Corniche). His new exhibit will be at the Sofar Grand Hotel (Sept 16th – October 14th) where he has been working and painting since February. It will feature “rare items salvaged from the original hotel as well as performances by students from nearby schools.” Check it out!

More on his work here in this article of Lebanon Traveler.

Jabal Moussa Mountain Loop

Jabal Moussa Mountain Loop

If you are looking for a place to hike, incredible scenery and wonderful flora and fauna, this is one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Lebanon, Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve

The Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa celebrated their 10 year anniversary a few days ago and inaugurated a new hiking trail which connects all the trails in what is now called the Jabal Moussa Mountain Loop.

The Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve covers an area of 6,500 hectares and is part of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves Network. Pierre Doumet, Founder and President of the Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa says that ecotourism brought 22,000 visitors to the reserve last year! The Association hopes to show the importance of protecting our ressources and nature.

Check out the article in The Daily Star here.


The story of Oum Ali

You might have tasted her delicious Saj at Souk el Tayeb on Saturdays.. This is the story of Oum Ali who puts her heart, strength and soul into keeping the culinary traditions of her village alive. Watch this beautiful short documentary directed & produced by Nay Aoun (funded by USAID). Thank you Slow Food Beirut for striving …