Beer, gin and vodka.. made in Lebanon!

Meet Jamil Haddad. In 2013, he decided to quit his job and move back to Batroun to start his own microbrewery. Colonel Beer The windsurfer turned entrepreneur tapped into a difficult market full force, with passion and perseverance. Today, in an eco-friendly environment made of upcycled wood pallets and green walls, his project consists of a microbrewery, …

Turning disability into distinctive ability

Meet Michael Haddad. Michael is a professional athlete, inspirational speaker, adventurer and environmentalist. 75% of his body has been completely paralyzed since the age of 6 due to a spinal cord injury, yet he amazingly endures obstacles and holds world records in walking and climbing. On October 24, 2013 he carried a cedar tree from the …

Hike it, Protect it

It’s that time of the year again! Hikers from all over the world are getting ready to hike the epic Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) which extends from the North to the South of the country. A unique trail that runs straight through the heart of Lebanon. The annual end-to-end trek starts on March 29 and …

Reaching the summit

#tb to last week when our very own Rami O. spent an epic sunny week end with @33north and hiked to the summit of Mount Hermon (Jabal el Sheikh).  We should all make it a priority to visit our own country before we travel. It  helps us see Lebanon in a new light. Our country is …

Eco-friendly au Liban.. c’est possible!

Comment devenir “eco-friendly” au Liban? Comment viser le “zéro déchet”? Composter, remplacer les matières non organiques par leur équivalent en tissu, bannir l’usage du plastique, fabriquer sa propre lessive avec de bonnes vieilles recettes de grand-mère, opter pour des contenants réutilisables.. Intégrons des choix écologiques, équitables et solidaires à notre quotidien. Nous pouvons tous faire une différence.. un geste à la fois!   Plus d'infos dans le Commerce du Levant, ici et à voir cette petite vidéo sur Hanane, citoyenne "zéro-déchets" ici

Apples apples apples

An interesting read in The Daily Star about food waste and some of the new and creative solutions that have emerged. The article features Ceasar Cider and its impact on the apple crisis through the production of cider from the apples that farmers can’t otherwise sell. #buylocal #wehavethebestapples #CeasarCider Read the article here

Rooftop garden

The Rooftop Garden fantastic initiative at the Women's Programs Association (WPA) in Burj Al-Barajneh Camp will allow the Soufra social enterprise of Women's Programs Association to be self-sufficient by planting 75% of the vegetables they need.
Thumbs up to Ziad Abichaker and the entire team behind this project. This is what he had to say about it: “In a 100 space on a rooftop in Bourj el Barajneh refugee Camp, we recycled what amounted to 128,100 supermarket #plastic bags to make #Ecoboard panels, we composted 954 Kgs of #food #waste to make 525 Kgs of #compost, mixed them with 525 Kgs of Dry #Mulch(Shredded agricultural waste) added 525 Kgs of red soil and created vertical planters enabling the newly cleared space to hold 2600 plants. The building had 12 AC units which were discharging their pure water onto the narrow streets of the camp. We hooked all 12 units to collect the runoff water and pumped it up to the roof to use as crystal clear irrigation water. Next time someone tells you how bad the garbage crisis is tell them you are looking at it from the wrong angle. Waste = Resource = Food = Jobs = Well Being = PEACE. (Think long and hard about this equation) A special thank you goes to Ramla Khalidi who instigated this project and lead it to fruition with the least amount of bureaucracy and a full amount of trust among all participants…”      

Hike it Protect it

Hike it Protect it

A beautiful message of peace and diversity.

Support the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) جمعية درب الجبل اللبناني in their mission to recognise the Lebanon Mountain Trail as a national trail to be protected by all.


BBS is live from the LMT fundraising event and we are proud supporters of this cause. Let’s cherish and protect our shared natural heritage.

Watch the video here



Clean up day

  "It would be difficult to get people to clean up a public beach in any county. Such a large turnout and collaboration among different groups from different parts of Lebanon proves that many are committed to change, improvement and citizenship in this county, despite all the problems. #WelcomeToLebanon" Well said Beirut Report thank you. #worldcleanupday2018             Recycle Lebanon wrote:
A massive thank you to the 250 people who came together on #worldcleanupday2018 to clean Maalmelten with @jci.lebanon from alba @sustainableclub who made it allhappen to @municipalityghazir @ouzville, scouts, @sisadmaalumni -koura and chouifat, @beardedvillainsleb alongside @wellnessproject_me @SurfShackLebanon. @alsultanbrahim, @zerowasteact_lebanon , #dropofftabarja, local communities and lucky travellers... elbows in-hand in hand. In total we picked up 3 bags of glass, 2 metal bags, 18 plastics and 46 rejectable waste, 1 shoes , 4 bags styrofoam , 1 textiles, 1 cartons and paper, and had big plastic water bottles found filled with straws and cigarette butts. We also found 1 big dead sea turtle and 1 small dead fish.. Both heartbreakingly died with plastic and will post separately #RecycleLebanon have the most #zerowaste #balaplastic #plasticfree #cleanups we have seen in the world with reusable recovered cloth bags used from uniforms, reusable washable gloves glass bottle and glass gallon water and briq to drink from, @yarrowenterprise sanitising spray and no plastic or toxic food or beverage available on site and ensuring all collected waste is sorted and sent to recycling with post clean up brand audits while educating on site and selling #ecosouk alternatives to #breakfreefromplastic on the spot. Next we will make bins from the waste and put them on each clean up spot with #preciousplastics We refuse to generate more waste to clean up and recycle waste. Each 1000 litre bag holds about 10 or so small reusable white plastic bags. Instead we use our signature reusable recovered cloth bags #madeinlebanon [the green colours are leftovers of #sabisschool uniforms] and can carry and flex more waste around reducing single use bags, raw virgin plastic consumption and reusable plastic bags all together. We work clean and collectively. Started a ripple and helping all other clean ups use less plastic, sort and recycle. On the Maamelten site we split the recyclables together with #dropofftabarja and @zerowasteact_lebanon and will be sending the rejectables to @ziad_abichaker

Jabal Moussa Mountain Loop

Jabal Moussa Mountain Loop

If you are looking for a place to hike, incredible scenery and wonderful flora and fauna, this is one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Lebanon, Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve

The Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa celebrated their 10 year anniversary a few days ago and inaugurated a new hiking trail which connects all the trails in what is now called the Jabal Moussa Mountain Loop.

The Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve covers an area of 6,500 hectares and is part of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves Network. Pierre Doumet, Founder and President of the Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa says that ecotourism brought 22,000 visitors to the reserve last year! The Association hopes to show the importance of protecting our ressources and nature.

Check out the article in The Daily Star here.