BBS Stories #6

Peter Mouracade
In episode 6 of BBS Stories, we meet up with Peter Mouracade, co-founder of Team Lebanon and CEO of the Beirut Marathon Association. Tune in to find out more about this ambitious, motivated and passionate man who takes on challenges with courage and vision. See you all at the Marathon!

BBS Stories #5

Bahi Ghubril
Bahi Ghubril is the man behind the city’s first proper street atlas, Zawarib, the innovative mapping of Beirut that helps us see the city differently, inspires us to explore beyond the usual spots and most of all helps us get around town. Zawarib, invites you on a journey to discover hidden treasures, local hangouts, cutlural life and historical landmarks.

BBS Stories #4

Kim and Miguel Issa
For this episode of BBS Stories, we caught up with Kim and Miguel Issa, two passionate sisters who joined arcenciel’s dedicated team of individuals, following in their father’s footsteps, Pierre Issa, co-founder of arcenciel.

arcenciel is a Beirut based, secular, apolitical Non Profit organization, that works with people in need, the disabled, the poor, and the ill. It’s goal is to socially and economically integrate the marginalized people back into society.

BBS stories #1

A stroll in Burj Hammoud
This is the pilot episode of BBS Stories.
Join us for a stroll in Burj Hammoud as filmmaker Vatche Boulghourjian shares with us stories about his Armenian roots, growing up in Lebanon during the war, watching silent movies in shelters, his love for storytelling and his first award-winning feature film "Tramontane".