Beirut Jam Sessions celebrates 4 years

Beirut Jam Sessions has been nurturing the live music scene in Beirut for 4 years now. 4 years of hosting great live shows with local and international acts. 4 years of promoting lebanese talents and helping them share their music with a wider audience. 4 years of striving to make our local music scene a vibrant and booming one.

We salute their work and commitment.

This Thursday, join us at Beirut Jam Sessions’ 4 year anniversary for a unique double bill concert showcasing HEYMOONSHAKER (UK) + CHYNO & AL RAJUL AL HADIDI (LB) at Station.

Andy Balcon and Dave Crowe of Heymoonshaker have great chemistry and will certainly rock the stage with their one of a kind paring of blues and beatboxing.

Chyno and Al Rajul Al Hadidi will join talents and energy and merge Hip Hop with Drum Machines.

We caught up with Anthony Semaan, co-founder of Beirut Jam Sessions, and asked him a few questions:

Looking back at these 4 years, how do you feel about your journey and what you have achieved so far? Do you feel that your initiative contributes in shedding light on the positive side of Lebanon?

On a personal note, I feel the journey is still at its beginning phase. 4 years is a longtime, but when you’re trying to build something sustainable for a longtime, it takes far more than that. So it’s still early days I believe. 

I think when it comes to our sessions on our Youtube channel in particular, we are shedding a positive light on Lebanon. When you see some of the cool spots we’re able to find and film in, it really gives us this sense of showing the watching world what we have in our country. And it’s far better than what the mass media tries to show about Lebanon. 

Like most concert-organisers, you probably have a hard time convincing international acts to perform in Lebanon. How has your work been affected by the current situation?

It’s always difficult convincing artists to come to Beirut. Whether it’s the trash crisis, the security situation, or just coming to the Middle East, most acts don’t see a need to explore this part of the world as they should. I find it funny that there are some people out there who still believe that musicians are the “bad guys” who don’t care and live the whole “Rock’n’Roll lifestyle. Well, from experience I can say that when it comes to “security” and to doing things out of the box or out their comfort zones, musicians are the first ones to chicken out. I wouldn’t say that about our Lebanese musicians though. They all go the extra mile to make things happen. 

You chose to showcase very different musical styles this Thursday as you usually do. What can we expect from this concert?

I’m just hoping for a night where everyone’s going to enjoy the positive vibes. That’s the main thing. All I really care about is people having a good time. As for the show itself, it’s going to be full of energy, that’s for sure! 

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