Building with Fire

After our usual Saturday morning stroll in Souk El Tayeb a couple days ago, we visited Jean Boghossian’s exhibit “Building with Fire” in the old headquarters of the french newspaper L’Orient Le Jour.

This is a must see exhibit organized by the Lebanese Cultural Festivals Association in collaboration with Tanit Gallery and curated by Bruno Corà, the director of the Burri Foundation in Città di Castello in Italy.

Boghossian uses a technique of burning his canvas to transform destruction into construction. “As a result of a “constructive fire”, an expression of his art, Boghossian introduces works made with fire and pigment, bearing order, geometry, rhythm, composition and figures of an equilibrium responding to a need of cultural and civil reconstruction and renovation.” (

Running until October 28 at L’Orient-Le Jour building in Beirut Souks and the crypt of the Université Saint-Joseph.







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