Indiana University has an amazing selection of photos from Lebanon in the 60’s

Photo by Charles W. Cushman
Photo by Charles W. Cushman
In 1965, photographer Charles W. Cushman took a lot of beautiful photos in Lebanon. All these photos are stored in the Indiana University Archives today, all of them are dated, labeled and organized brilliantly. Browse the collection here...

Souk El Tayeb turns 10

Every Saturday the farmers market “Souk El Tayeb” sets up shop in the Beirut Souks. We must say it is the best place to spend your Saturday mornings nibbling on tasty food, socializing, and checkin off your grocery list. This year “Souk El Tayeb” turns 10. Here is a small video by No Garlic No Onions.

Are you man enough to walk a mile in her shoes?

We always get excited to see initiatives like this in Lebanon, especially when it is a first for the MENA region. If you boys do not have red heels in your closet, Le Mall has got you covered.  Who is going to be man enough to throw on some heels and walk a mile in them on April 26? …