Cedrus Libani

The Cedrus Libani, commonly known as the Cedar of Lebanon is a unique and precious species; our national emblem and a symbol of holiness, peace and eternity. Some of the Cedars have been here for more than 1,000 years and have outlived Empires.

The famous french poet and writer Alphonse de Lamartine described the Cedars as “the most famous natural monuments in the universe.”

But after centuries of deforestation, they face their biggest threat yet, climate change.

Meet the man who has dedicated his life to protecting the Cedars and whose perseverance and commitment is an example to all.

Youssef Tawk, Doctor from Bcharreh and passionate conservationist, has been striving to make a difference through his fight against environmental degradation.

As a founding member of The Committee of Cedar Forests Friend, back in the late 80’s, he started raising awareness on environmental threats, working towards the protection of nature, finding solutions to the waste problem, promoting eco-tourism and planting trees.

Since then he has succeeded in planting hundreds of thousands of Cedars. In the hopes of making the forests more resilient to whatever future environmental pressures they face.

We salute his work and the precious collaboration of all the experts and volunteers who have been by his side for years in his reforestation efforts, in particular Nabil Semaan and Desirée Sadek who are featured in the French documentary “La Bataille du Cèdre”. A film by Laurent Sorcelle and Cécile Favier (KAMI PRODUCTIONS et USHUAÏA TV).
Watch the trailer here

“Une sacrée réussite tournée vers l’avenir. Planter un cèdre ce n’est pas pour soi-même,” dit Youssef Tawk “c’est pour les générations futures.”

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