Farming, a new generation

Hussein Kazoun is the face of the new generation of farmers in Lebanon. He is a young self-taught organic farmer, who left behind his university degrees to work on his family’s land in West Bekaa.

Committed to sustainability, he shares a vision for a better tomorrow: it is how that food is grown and nurtured that drives him. He believes in the philosophy of permaculture: observing natural systems and following nature’s patterns to grow food.

He recreates natural ecosystems by turning food waste into valuable compost, replaces pesticides with natural predators and grows a diverse range of foods with mutually beneficial relationships.

After all he is farming the way people have farmed for thousands of years but taking advantage of technology and techniques that make it more efficient.

Support the new generation of farmers of Souk El Tayeb.

Find Field To Fork every Saturday at Beirut Souks from 9am to 3pm.”

See you there!

(thank you to Souk El Tayeb for the info and pictures)



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