Fta7o Hal 7adeeth

In the past few months, the revolution has created a valuable and safe place for debate, discussions and talks. It has allowed us to voice our views and thoughts on Lebanon but more importantly, it has made us reach out and listen to others. We are also more eager to learn about our country and feel the need to understand political, legal and economic issues. ⁣
Together, we are building a new Lebanon. ⁣

May Wazzan recently created the فتحو هالحديث @fta7o_hal7adeeth game inspired by the revolution. ⁣

Each card is an open-ended and thought-provoking question about Lebanon that will hopefully spark a conversation with a friend or even a stranger. ⁣

This great initiative of “conversation engineering” as she puts it, made us laugh, scratch our heads and learn a thing or two about ourselves, our country and others. ⁣

Let’s play a round of conversations together.. Who’s in?⁣

*Available at Cafe Younes, Aaliya’s Books, Salon Beirut, Sage Parlour, Gift Mania, B.Hive, HOOK and Ajialouna Shop. ⁣

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