Regenerate Lebanon

At BBS, we want to shed light on the change makers who share their knowledge and energy with the genuine goal of making our country a brighter place, by creating positive change and inspiring those around them to do the same. ⁣⁣
@RegenerateLebanon is a one of a kind platform for collective action that tackles some of the infrastructural challenges of the country: human needs, waste, water, energy, land-use, and mobility. ⁣⁣
From their hub in Martyr’s Square, here are some of the operations they have led so far: ⁣⁣
– Daily organization of street clean-ups and sorting actions with @RecycleLebanon

– Workshops and brainstorming sessions

– A zero-waste food-rescue communal kitchen⁣

– ‘Sqi Lbalad’ initiative providing access to potable water fountains in public spaces
– ‘Zra3 Lebnene’ collaboration with @theOtherDada urban afforestation, implementation of native micro-forests in the dense urban fabrics

– ‘Clean Power’ promoting alternative methods of generating energy (bike for electricity, solar power etc.)⁣⁣

– Sorting and distribution of clothes, toys, books, and mouneh donations.⁣⁣
We salute their incredible efforts and invite you join the action! ⁣⁣
More info ⁣

Recycle Lebanon @JoslinKehdy @JoanneHayek @RawanBazerji

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