A trail runs through it

A trail runs through it

A unique trail that runs straight through the heart of the country. 470 km Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT), which passes through more than 75 towns and villages, three protected nature reserves, two biosphere reserves, and one UNESCO world heritage site.
Read here about the LMT Association’s mission of protection and conservation and what challenges they face.


Cyclist of Life

Cyclist of Life

Micky Chebli is a #cyclistoflife. He is turning 50 this year and hopes to fulfil his dream. Riding from Paris to Beirut in one month to raise money for 3 lebanese NGOs.

Today is the big day. This morning Micky embarked on his long journey and aims to cycle 4000 km in the next 36 days. He will cycle from France to Italy, then to Greece and Turkey. He’ll then take a boat to Lebanon and cycle back to Beirut on July 2nd.

His goal is to raise 300 000$. These funds will cover the following:

For les Petits Soleils “Free Health Care for all Children in Need” : $100 000 will cover 10 hospitalizations with surgery, 1000 specialized consultations, 1000 vaccinations, 1500 X-rays, and 500 laboratories explorations.

For Myschoolpulse “Bringing Schools to Hospitals” : $100 000 covers the education of 100 children undergoing treatment for life-threatening diseases in six hospitals.This money will also cover one-on-one tutoring, computer courses and art therapy

For Oum el Nour  “Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation”: $100 000 will cover one year of in-patient treatment and social reinsertion for 10 young men and women and design of prevention and social awareness programs

With his passion and motivation Micky is an inspiration to all of us.

Follow his journey, support his campaign.

Let’s help him help others.






BBS recommends

This is how we do it. Let’s stand by Beirut Madinati. After the success of yesterday’s concert at Station Beirut, there are lots of opportunities to show support coming up this week. If you would like to donate without leaving your couch you can do that right here, CLICK to Donate

Metropolis Cinema Association supports Beirut Madinati


Beirut fo2 al shajara at Teatro Verdun


FLUX with Beirut Madinati in Radio Beirut


Free Yoga in Horsh Beirut in support of Beirut Madinati 


Beirut Madinati Fundraiser at 429







This is Lebanon

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.09.03 PM
We get super excited when someone puts the effort into promoting the beauty of Lebanon, properly. This has to be one of the best videos we have seen so far. Share it with the world. This is what keeps us going and keeps us smiling. This is Beiruts bright side. Thumbs up to the Lebanese ministry of tourism, Live Love Lebanon, and  Rise Above Lebanon for making this happen. Watch the video here...

Live music this winter? Yes please

Live music this winter? Yes please

In the past few years the good people from Beirut Jam Sessions have been working very hard on nurturing the LIVE music scene in a city that is dominated by a large Dj culture. They have flown in foreign acts, dabbled with music festivals, and assisted local talents to rise and share their music with the world, making our city a brighter place.

This winter season, the Beirut Jam Sessions have decided to lineup the bands early, on Thursdays mainly. We are looking forward to these shows, and hope you help spread the word. The local acts need everyone’s support, and the international ones can easily inspire us to create more.

Here is a breakdown:

Time for T (UK)
Thursday November 26
Event details>>

To Kill A King (UK)
Thursday December 3
Event details>>>

Postcards (LB)
Thursday December 10
Event details >>

Thursday December 17
Event details >>

Gurumiran (LB)
Tuesday December 29
Event details >>

Is Tropical (UK)
Thursday January 7
Event details >> 


The natural bridges of Balaa

October in Lebanon is one of our favorite months. The weather is perfect and everyone is gearing up for the winter season. If you are wondering where to go this weekend, below is a ridiculously beautiful location. The natural bridges of BALAA near the village of Tannourine El Fawqa are some of the most beautiful in the world and look like something straight out of a Nat Geo Magazine. If that is not exciting enough, check out this breath taking video of pro rock climber David Lama pulling a first ascent in this gorge. Watch the video here…

Photo by ©missakassim
Photo by ©missakassim
Photo by © Institut français du Proche
Photo by © Institut français du Proche
Photo by © Nicki Hill
Photo by © Nicki Hill
Photo by © Lightreaver
Photo by © Lightreaver
Photo by © Serge Melki
Photo by © Serge Melki
Photo by © Loai El Nomeiry
Photo by © Loai El Nomeiry

The boys at Beirut Cafe Racers

We are not going to spoil this video with words that describe what it is all about. What we can say is that it is always beautiful to see people pursue their deepest passions, and get their hands dirty. We see a lot of these things on tv, but this is happening right here in …

Free Shawarma for the hungry

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.22.53 PM
                    A few days ago we saw a touching video of a brilliant act of kindness from Al Soussa shawarma restaurant in Beirut. The owner put up a pin board where customers could pay for extra sandwiches and pin the receipt on the wall for the hungry and needy. The idea of paying things forward using this method is nothing new, but seeing it done in Beirut is. We give this initiative four thumbs up and hope this can inspire all fast food restaurants all over the country. This is what keeps our spirit up. This is Beirut's bright side. Watch the video here...
  Below is a similar video we saw a while back about a small pizza place in Philadelphia. Beautiful!

Wickerpark, here we come.

It is that time of the year again when thousands flock North for the Wickerpark music festival in Batroun. The good folk from Soularch have been organizing and fine tuning this family affair since 2011. Their goal is to raise funds that will go into enhancing the underwater habitat of the Lebanese coast. Their other goal …