Live music this winter? Yes please

In the past few years the good people from Beirut Jam Sessions have been working very hard on nurturing the LIVE music scene in a city that is dominated by a large Dj culture. They have flown in foreign acts, dabbled with music festivals, and assisted local talents to rise and share their music with the world, making our city a brighter place.

This winter season, the Beirut Jam Sessions have decided to lineup the bands early, on Thursdays mainly. We are looking forward to these shows, and hope you help spread the word. The local acts need everyone’s support, and the international ones can easily inspire us to create more.

Here is a breakdown:

Time for T (UK)
Thursday November 26
Event details>>

To Kill A King (UK)
Thursday December 3
Event details>>>

Postcards (LB)
Thursday December 10
Event details >>

Thursday December 17
Event details >>

Gurumiran (LB)
Tuesday December 29
Event details >>

Is Tropical (UK)
Thursday January 7
Event details >> 


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