Turn waste into resource

At Beirut’s Bright Side we are concerned with the environment and strive to promote eco friendly and green initiatives. In the past year, we have shared the stories of wonderful people working hard towards building a safer, cleaner and healthier country, for generations to come.

We recently came across an interesting Interview (by Middle East Eye) with Ziad Abi Chaker, CEO of Cedar Environment.

Ziad and his team remind us that it is vital to make the best out of any situation, even the garbage crisis. For him, waste is not a problem, it is a resource!

Not only do they recycle, but they process materials to reduce volume, create compost and build vertical planting for urban landscapes. They make walls from car tires and chairs from recuperated wood panels and shipping pallets.

They have also worked on the first zero waste recycling plant in the region where incoming household waste will be fully recycled. Watch the video here.

If like us, you are convinced that a zero waste Lebanon is possible and that our waste is indeed a ressource, you can contribute to Roula Kourban’s initiative to produce a short documentary showcasing the situation, providing a clear explanation of the garbage solution to all Lebanese citizens in Lebanon and abroad and use it as a tool to convince decision makers.
More info here.

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