Vintage clothes for a cause

A new vintage and thrift clothing store just opened in Beirut ! ⁣

At @secondbase you can either sell pieces or find unique items to buy at very affordable prices and 100% of its revenues are re-invested back in FabricAID

You can now be more creative in your styling and do good at once!⁣

The clothes at Second Base are usually undesired by the target audience of FabricAID mainstream distribution channel. ⁣

The Lebanese social entrepreneur Omar Itani brought a fantastic purpose-driven business idea to life with both a social and environmental impact on society. ⁣

FabricAID collects, sorts, and redistributes clothes to disadvantaged communities at micro prices. Their goal is to deliver good quality clothing into the hands of people who need them, while also reducing fabric waste (one of the biggest environmental problems we are facing). ⁣

FabricAID is one of Alfanar’s portfolio companies and has won many awards such as being voted 1 out of 7 Youth Champion of the Earth, the highest UN environmental award for young people.

Together let’s aim for a more sustainable fashion industry, let’s up-cycle and donate clothes, let’s buy vintage and shop local.. all while helping the underprivileged. ⁣

Check out ⁣

Thank you @soha.ghandour for the pictures.⁣

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