Radio Karantina


Music, images and tales from isolation. From Beirut to the rest of the world [and/or vice versa].

Radio Karantina is a project that conjures together music, stories, and images from quarantine during the exceptional times the world is currently witnessing.

The idea was thought up and created by actor and visual artist Nasri Sayegh, bringing together musicians, artists (such as Rayya Badran, Ghassan Salhab, Mahmoud Merjan, Jessika Khazrik, Abraham Zeitoun, Hatem Imam, Rabih Kayrouz), and individuals who are currently at home in self-isolation to share their intimate playlists and podcasts be they loud, soothing, or contemplative. Something to listen and dance to in the comfort of our homes.

The practice of self-isolating is a test of our times, where are walls, streets, and towns await life anew.
In this waiting room, Radio Karantina may perhaps be a space where a harmonious voyage outside the confines of our walls can happen.

Stay safe, sound and tuned 📻 

Radio Karantina راديو كرنتينا
Tune in here

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