Reclaiming public space

Rima Rantisi and a group of “lovely, smart, nurturing people” cleaned, installed garbage bins and signs in the public garden near her house in the Manara area. ⁣

⁣“A perfect place” she says, “for relaxing underneath a tree or under bursts of orange, pink and yellow bougainvilliers”. ⁣

⁣“I would like to encourage everyone who can to begin taking over public spaces and reforming them. Then call the mokhtar, the municipality and ask them to do their job. If they refuse, we will continue to take care of them until the next municipal elections, when we will take their places.”⁣

Let’s not wait for anyone to take care of our public spaces. Let’s reclaim them now. Let’s take care of our community. ⁣We can all make a difference.


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