Lebanon makes it on Top Gear’s website.

  We recently read this article on Top Gear’s website about Lebanon’s own Roger Feghali’s epic hill climb in Falougha. The fact that Top Gear picked up on this is just huge! Some of you may not be into the whole motor sport thing but the article is great fun, spiced up with that Top …

People surf in Lebanon? Oh yes they do.

Photo from Surf Lebanon
Photo from Surf Lebanon
People are always very surprised to hear that we have some decent surfing here in Lebanon. Our local surfer friends are constantly on the look out for the next wave to come in. There are surf spots in a few different locations up and down the coast. In Jiyyeh there is Mustafas A-Frame which is located south of Beirut. In the North you have one spot in Chekka and another nice one in Batroun called Colonel. Ash Gallagher wrote this nice piece for Al-Monitor Read more here...

ABC mall in Achrafieh makes a massive green turn.

Photo by Joseph Saba for Blog Baladi
Photo by Joseph Saba for Blog Baladi
We stumbled on Blog Baladi's post today and were really blown away by this amazingly bright story. Who knew that ABC was building something like this? We sure did not. Looking at this from above it reminds us of something out of a science fiction flick, very impressive indeed. The only thing missing now is adding some of those solar panels to more roof tops around. Go big, go green. Read the full article here... 

Weird architecture in Northern Lebanon

Photo by: Gaia Squarci
When we were kids, we always heard about the village in Northern Lebanon that had weird looking houses. We never planned a visit, but we think the time is now. Laurence Cornet from Vice recently made a trip up there and wrote an interesting article about the village of Miziara and it's strange buildings. Read the article here.  

Rock climber Ulric Rousseau visits Lebanon in his new film, here is the teaser.

Lebanon is not only about late night parties and amazing food. It is much more than that. Beautiful mountain areas, impressive rock faces, evergreen woods and snow covered peaks are playgrounds for many outdoors enthusiasts from around the world. Ulric Rousseau is one of those outdoorsman. Lebanon, Spain, Mexico and Canada were on his list of pit …