Collective designs

Beirutmakers brings together designers to explore local fabrication and digital technology.⁣⁣
For their 10th edition, they exhibited for the first time in a public space, in Azarieh.
The collective met with several organisations in order to understand and identify the needs and stakes involved in the protests. They then put their knowledge of design and digital fabrication skills to good use, creating tools for demonstrators to be heard, seen and remain comfortable. ⁣

⁣⁣Beirutmakers it was nice to meet you! (unfortunately we didn’t get to film everyone involved). Make sure to follow them and check out their inspiring work here
The collective includes: Guillaume Credoz, Karim Chaaya, Nada Zeineh, Rania Sassine, Nathalie Hadechian, Mohammad Atwi, Charbel Tannous, Noor Tabet, Alexander Ibrahim, Michael Najjar, Philippine Harb, Mounzer Hashem, Mazen Zahalan, Suzanne Mohammad.
Curated by Joumana Ibrahim


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