Lebanese Alternative Learning

With the coronavirus outbreak, teachers and parents around the world are turning to homeschooling, looking for alternative educational tools and shifting to online learning. 

We thought it was the right time to post about the fantastic initiative of the non-profit “Lebanese Alternative Learning” organization which provides schools and educational centers with digital content through online and offline access solutions. 

Their priority is to empower vulnerable communities and ensure all children receive an engaging and effective learning experience and avoid school dropouts.

The organisation has won several international awards in recognition of their innovative and impactful project “Tabshoura” (chalk in Arabic).

This platform is available either via the internet or independently via an offline box, reaching remote areas with unreliable connection, providing hotspots where students can connect computers and access digital learning ressources. 

Tabshoura is the first free, easily accessible, interactive and trilingual e-platform offering the entire Lebanese curriculum online. 

“Technology should be an equalizing force, as an enabler to give every child access to quality innovative education, anywhere, anytime” Nayla Fahed, LAL co-founder


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