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At BBS, we care for nature. We support projects that raise awareness on climate change, we encourage citizens to take action on key environmental issues, we promote sustainability, we share news on local eco-friendly initiatives. 

And we love music too. You would think one has nothing to do with the other. Well, think again. 

Greenpeace, the leading non-governmental environmental organization is shedding light on the Arctic ocean and ice loss, emphasizing the immediate need for ocean sanctuaries not only for the north pole, but for the entire planet. 

They have partnered with a group of musicians to record an ice concert in the far north of the Arctic! Here is the brilliant performance of ‘Ocean Memories’, played on instruments carved from ice collected in Arctic waters. ==> Watch

There is a unique chance to achieve real change through the UN Ocean Treaty for the protection of biodiversity on the high seas by the end of this decade (2020). It will define global ocean protection for generations to come. Greenpeace is campaigning for the strongest ocean treaty possible and Lebanon has a key role to play like any other member of the UN. 

We caught up with Julien Jreissati, Campaigner at Greenpeace MENA to learn more about their initiatives in Lebanon. 

“Greenpeace MENA has been campaigning against single use plastic usage in Lebanon for the last few years. As you know most plastics that we improperly discard tend to end up in the sea where they never biodegrade. They decompose into micro-plastics, end up in marine life and ultimately back in our plates.”

Back in 2017, Greenpeace MENA launched the #BalaPlastic campaign where they organised a beach clean up for the purpose of raising awareness on plastic pollution. The collected plastic waste was then used to build a giant art piece on @MashrouLeila’s concert stage at the Ehden festival. 

Last year, volunteers started an initiative called #Plastacna where various bars, restaurants and cafes have been asked to drop or reduce single use plastic from their businesses (straws, bags, cups and cutleries).. More than 30 establishments joined the #Plastacna initiative! 


Musicans Terje Isungset (2nd R), Aashild Brunvoll (R), Maria Dahlin (R) and Andreas Hatzikiriakidis perform during an ice music concert on the ice near Svalbard.


Artist Bill Covitz makes an ice music instrument onboard MYAS for upcoming performance at an ice edge in Svalbard.


Greenpeace activists and musicians pull the sledge with ice instruments to the ice music stage at an ice edge in Svalbard.




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