The positive planner

☀️GIVEAWAY ALERT☀️ —>> Hello! Guess what? We have two positive planners to give away! ⁣

During these difficult times, the planner will inspire you, brighten up your day, and help you strengthen your emotional wellbeing. The planner includes daily reflections, a weekly mood tracker, and mindfulness activities.

Social media can be overwhelming, but it can also serve to spread positive news, show kindness as well as compassion. And today, we need that more than ever!⁣

We want to encourage you to share uplifting content. Tell us what your silver lining has been during this confinement period. What has come out of it that makes you happy? What makes you smile, and what helps you get through the day?⁣

Post about it (it could be a selfie video, a drawing, a picture, a piece of writing – anything really!), and don’t forget to tag us so that we can see it and re-share it. ⁣

We will choose two winners :)⁣


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