Adam Naas live in Beirut

On March 1st, expect some magic at GardenState as Adam Naas takes the stage for the first time in Beirut. Light FM productions in collaboration with Beirut Jam Sessions are at it again, they promised and they delivered! Their second live act this year is the french singer songwriter sensation Adam Naas. Check out our interview with him below. More info on the event here.

BBS/ What was the trigger to your love affair with music, knowing that you did not grow up in a family of musicians?

AN/ Sister act 2. Forever and always. I wanted to be one of the kids so bad. I wanted to sing Joyful Joyful with Lauryn Hill and do hand stands and stuff with everybody.

BBS/ You were born and raised in Paris of Algerian, Syrian, and Egyptian descent, how does that influence your work as an artist?

AN/ I don’t know really. I guess it just makes me awesome, that’s it.

BBS/ Your music is a stream of emotions and sensations. Is songwriting a cathartic experience for you, an emotional release?

AN/ Yes definitely, writing and singing helps me a lot. Sometimes I repeat one line over and over again out loud and start crying and then I end up laughing. It’s weird but I like it.

BBS/ Writing songs is one thing, performing in front of a crowd is certainly another, was it something that you were comfortable with from the start?

AN/ I was petrified at first. But I think it’s because I always knew that performing was the thing I was born to do. I guess, I was afraid to realize that. Now I’m very much happy even though I want to throw up sometimes.

BBS/ Is their a live act that you saw and thought to yourself “this is what concerts should be all about”?

AN/ I never really had money so I couldn’t afford going to concert so, no not really. But I saw Perfume Genius in Paris and it was fucking brilliant though.

BBS/ With your first song, you gained recognition and caught the attention of French media. What’s the story behind your brilliant debut single “Fading Away”?

AN/ Have you ever been in a relationship ? I guess, otherwise you’re a pretty lucky boy. Fading Away is about how you desperately want to love someone when you’re not in love with the person anymore. It’s just sad man.

BBS/ Any musical “coup de coeur” lately that you would like to share with our readers?

AN/ Of course, I’ve got so many, but lately I miss clubbing so here’s my shout out : Yaeji – Raingurl. She’s this nerdy half Korean girl who’s just fucking awesome.



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