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This Sunday it’s all about getting creative in Naba’a. Paint up, a community of artists that strive to make Beirut brighter (those beautiful coloured stairs in Mar Mikhael – that’s them!), is inviting you to a fun filled do-good day this week end. #PaintUpNabaa is a great initiative to revive the Dahr El Jamal Garden and bring the run down and neglected neighborhood …

Culture over violence

“Our Café” (Qahwetna) opened its doors in Tripoli a few days ago. First of its kind and part of MARCH‘s peacekeeping initiative, this café aims to bring together residents from once deeply rival neighborhoods of Jabal Mohsen and Bab el Tabbaneh, through art and culture. After the success of a theatrical play that the NGO put …

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The cabaret show “Bar Farouk” opens tomorrow at Metro Al Madina. After the success last summer at the Beiteddine Art Festival, the musical comedy is back on Hamra street and it’s not to miss. In the spirit of the very successful “Hishik Bishik”, this show revives Beirut’s golden era from the 30s to the 70s. From popular theatre …

Run for peace (of mind)

A few days ago, we came across this inspiring video by the Beirut Marathon Association dedicated to the runners of Lebanon. It follows passionate runners from all walks of life. Some run to feel free, some run to feel empowered, some run from their worries, others run to challenge. No matter how hard it gets and despite the constant battle …

Fashion, fashion, fashion

Breaking fashion news this morning from the Oscars, Giuliana Rancic is wearing a dress by Lebanese designers Azzi & Osta 

Screen shot 2016-02-29 at 10.12.08 AM

Some of the finest Lebanese designers such as Elie Saab, Zuhair Mrad, George Chakra and Reem Acra have made international headlines with their unique couture and ready to wear creations dressing up the world’s biggest names. They have taken the fashion scene by storm as they represent lebanese beauty, refinement and elegance.

In recent years, a new dynamic crop of lebanese designers have been on the rise. Many of whom’s careers have been launched thanks to the Starch Foundation and it’s co-founders Rabih Kayrouz and Tala Hajjar. Starch is an NGO that helps designers produce, promote and sell their collections in Lebanon and abroad. They have helped them find a home. This organisation has been the key to kickstart many young designers careers, some set to become household names.

This year’s International Fashion Showcase in London, which gives an insight on the industry’s future, featured works of 80 emerging designers from 24 countries. The Starch Foundation, in partnership with the Arab British Center, presented “Blueprint Beirut”, an exhibition curated by Tala Hajjar, designed by Elie Metni, showcasing Bashar Assaf, Bird on a Wire by Rayya Marcos, Das by Sevag Dilsizian, La Terre Est Folle by Joe Arida, Margherita by Margherita Abi-Hanna, Mira Hayek, Nour Najem and Timi Hayek. And they took home a well deserved “Best Curator” award ! We applaud and salute such initiatives that shed light on lebanese creativity and talent.





photos by @alexmaguirepix

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New things are slowly taking shape here at BBS. We are starting a weekly pick of events we think you should attend. We will focus mainly on music related events for now, events which we find interesting and stand out from the crowd. Tomorrow we highly recommend you head down to Radio Beirut. They have …

This is Lebanon

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.09.03 PM
We get super excited when someone puts the effort into promoting the beauty of Lebanon, properly. This has to be one of the best videos we have seen so far. Share it with the world. This is what keeps us going and keeps us smiling. This is Beiruts bright side. Thumbs up to the Lebanese ministry of tourism, Live Love Lebanon, and  Rise Above Lebanon for making this happen. Watch the video here...

Not your average cafe

You may have noticed that we have been off the grid for a little while now. We took advantage of the holiday season, sat down, and planned our next moves for 2016. We have some exciting surprises coming up on Beirut’s Bright Side that should keep those spirits up and smiling. Until then, we leave you with a …

Live music this winter? Yes please

Live music this winter? Yes please

In the past few years the good people from Beirut Jam Sessions have been working very hard on nurturing the LIVE music scene in a city that is dominated by a large Dj culture. They have flown in foreign acts, dabbled with music festivals, and assisted local talents to rise and share their music with the world, making our city a brighter place.

This winter season, the Beirut Jam Sessions have decided to lineup the bands early, on Thursdays mainly. We are looking forward to these shows, and hope you help spread the word. The local acts need everyone’s support, and the international ones can easily inspire us to create more.

Here is a breakdown:

Time for T (UK)
Thursday November 26
Event details>>

To Kill A King (UK)
Thursday December 3
Event details>>>

Postcards (LB)
Thursday December 10
Event details >>

Thursday December 17
Event details >>

Gurumiran (LB)
Tuesday December 29
Event details >>

Is Tropical (UK)
Thursday January 7
Event details >>