Architecture photography.. with a twist!

Meet the talented Serge Najjar, otherwise known as @serjios on social media. Lawyer and doctor at law, he started taking photography classes at the age of 37 and began posting his minimalist photography work on instagram where he quickly became a sensation. He manipulates perspective in a mesmerizing way and brilliantly captures geometry, lines and shadows and architectural facades.
In his words, it is not about what you see but how you see it. Check out his account here

Rabih Kayrouz, fashion elite!

Big news in the fashion world ! Maison Rabih Kayrouz joins the closed circle of haute couture alongside a group of acclaimed international houses such as Dior, Chanel and Givenchy. After being elected as a guest member in 2016, the Lebanese designer, who recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of his label, is now one of 17 fashion houses part of the official haute couture calendar.
The status is granted to a select few designers by the French Ministry of Industry and the Fédération Française de la Couture. To achieve this status, the designers must adhere to the Commission's strict standards and a number of specifications must be met. Congratulations to Rabih Kayrouz and his dedicated team for this unique recognition!

Turbo falafel’s mix

Turbo falafel's mix

Turbo Falafel, the Dj collective based in Fribourg (Switzerland) was recently in Beirut.

Inspired by Revolvers guide on Beirut’s record stores, they decided to come check it out for themselves.
They made this fun mix of what they heard during their cab rides.
And also a little mix of what they dug up at Chico Records.

And check out Turbo Falafel’s soundcloud page here:


I am no bird

Andrew Cagle’s short documentary “I am no bird” is online. This is a beautifully crafted film about Samer Saem Eldahr's moving story. Samer is a talented electronic musician from Aleppo, pioneering a genre of electronic dance music he calls “electro-tarab”, who immigrated to Minnesota after having spent some years in Beirut. “What began as humble mission to document an unknown, but significant, contribution to the electronic music world morphed into a story about family, friendship, and persevering to create in the midst of a changing environment" said the Brooklyn based filmmaker. Watch it here

Employing refugees in NYC

Great initiative by Manal and Wissam Kahi in NYC, where they employ refugees from all over the world, changing the way people perceive them and helping them thrive. Every person and every community can powerfully affect positive change around the world. Check out their story here Thank you Labneh&Facts for sharing this story!
Follow them here Eat Offbeat

Eco-friendly au Liban.. c’est possible!

Comment devenir “eco-friendly” au Liban? Comment viser le “zéro déchet”? Composter, remplacer les matières non organiques par leur équivalent en tissu, bannir l’usage du plastique, fabriquer sa propre lessive avec de bonnes vieilles recettes de grand-mère, opter pour des contenants réutilisables.. Intégrons des choix écologiques, équitables et solidaires à notre quotidien. Nous pouvons tous faire une différence.. un geste à la fois!   Plus d'infos dans le Commerce du Levant, ici et à voir cette petite vidéo sur Hanane, citoyenne "zéro-déchets" ici

The Queen honors Lea Baroudi

The Queen honors Lea Baroudi

The Queen of England has awarded Lea Baroudi an #MBE (member of the Order of the British Empire) for her services to peace building and civic rights in Lebanon.

As head of MARCH, the NGO that defends free expression and equal rights, Lea Baroudi does remarkable work to significantly change the lives of many young people and help them bring peace to their communities.

Congratulations for this incredibly well deserved recognition! Keep up the great work!

“Eat Save Love”

What can we do about Lebanon’s food waste problem and waste disposal crisis ? Some individuals have taken this matter into their own hands to find solutions. “Eat Save Love” is an event organized by Diana Fayad in conjunction with the Beirut-based NGO ACT_4Tomorrow (Active Advocacy of Communities for Tomorrow). A pop-up restaurant (hosted by GardenState) where the menu (developed by chefs Bob Deeb and Tina Wazirian) was based on surplus food from supermarkets! This is such a great initiative to raise awareness, reduce food waste and fight hunger in Lebanon. Read more in The Daily Star article.          

National Library reopened

The Lebanese National Library has finally reopened its doors to the public! Housed in the old Ottoman Sanayeh building, it is one of the cultural institutions and national treasures that suffered the most during the Lebanese civil war. In 1999, the National Library was recognized as a national cultural project and that led to officially adopting the National Library Rehabilitation plan. The Lebanese National Library was launched in 1921 with 20,000 books and 3,000 manuscripts bequeathed by Viscount Philippe de Tarrazi from his private collection. Today, it is home to one of the region’s largest book collection, more than 300 000 works including thousands of invaluable manuscripts, rare religious books, a collection of atlases and maps, as well as other books and documents. Article on France 24 Article in The Daily Star Article in L'Orient Le Jour