Week 1 – Thawra

For a week now, we have been on the ground covering events and witnessing a historical time for our country.

At Beirut’s Bright Side, we strive to show the positive side, the small initiatives making a big difference, the passionate people, the fighters, the believers, the patriots, the ones who show solidarity and compassion. This week has been heartwarming. We have picked up trash with the MuwatinLebnene crew, sorted and recycled with RecycleLebanon, met incredible volunteers from all backgrounds. This week we have marched, protested and chanted from Martyr’s Square to Riad El Solh, hand in hand with people from across sectarian and political divides. We have listened to talks from professors, learned about our rights with lawyers, painted with artists, reclaimed public spaces and finally got to visit the beautiful Grand Theatre..

We believe in this country more than ever, because we believe in its people.

We are proud of all the initiatives that have emerged from this protest.

We invite you to follow us on instagram and facebook for daily coverage.

We also invite you to look at the DaleelThawra platform which was created to support the revolution through better tools and communication. It lists all the wonderful initiatives out there and helps you link to them.

Because the first steps in unifying a movement is unifying our efforts.


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